SOKRYA is a platform and an online store for selling the finest types of Sokary dates that come directly from the best farms in Qassim. The name is taken from the SOKARY dates, which have many golden MEANDERS AND veins.
Logo Design

Sokrya Dates is a luxury brand that provides premium high-quality Medjool dates. They produce exceptional quality organic dates, and their design reflects this. The brand has a modern and elegant look, which makes it perfect for products such as date bars and chocolates.

We wanted to create a clean and simple design that would reflect the high-quality ingredients of the products and make them stand out on the packaging, and this brand design does just that. We based the brand design around the idea of elegance and simplicity, creating an elegant and sophisticated brand.

The clean design of the logotype perfectly reflects the high-end nature of the brand and fits the overall look of the product perfectly. The color palette used on the website and the logo is also simple and elegant, creating a calm and luxurious feel to the page. The colors contrast nicely against each other and look clean and refined. The color scheme used for the branding is simple and sophisticated, using earthy tones of brown, white, and grey to create a natural and relaxing feeling to the website. This color choice works especially well with the typography of the website, which uses a clean sans-serif font that adds to the overall feeling of elegance.

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AbdulRahman Abdulhadi, Creative Director