Mesbar, a name symbolizing the exploration of new frontiers, brings the same ethos to its approach in the real estate industry, where home is more than just a structure; it's an expedition into a new universe of experiences.
Logo Design

Mesbar is committed to curating residential complexes that are not just exquisite but are also an embodiment of the unique taste of each of its customers. Each project undertaken by Mesbar is a stellar journey, carefully designed to ensure that each customer experiences a universe that is uniquely their own.

The identity of Mesbar, thus, is rooted in this ethos of discovery and uniqueness. As a space probe delves into the mysteries of the cosmos, Mesbar delves into the realm of real estate, unearthing gems that satisfy the unique preferences of each of its customers.

The logo for Mesbar is an intricate blend of three elements. The letter 'M', signifying the initial of the brand, a probe, representing the company's exploratory spirit, and a gate, a portal to the new territories that Mesbar ventures into

The logo's complexity is not just a reflection of Mesbar's dynamic ethos but is also an embodiment of the brand's commitment to create unique, high-quality homes. It's a visual representation of the pioneering spirit that defines Mesbar, echoing the company's promise of delivering not just homes, but gateways to unique experiences.

Much like the detailed exploration that a space probe undertakes, Mesbar's projects are carefully analyzed and curated to meet the distinct tastes of its customers. At Mesbar, every home is a new frontier, a unique space that embodies the individuality of its owner. The logo, hence, becomes a visual pledge, a promise to deliver residential experiences that are as unique as the individuals who inhabit them.

As Mesbar continues its journey into the cosmos of real estate, it promises to keep pushing the boundaries, venturing into new territories of luxury, comfort, and individuality. A home with Mesbar is not just a property; it's a unique constellation in the universe of luxury living.

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AbdulRahman Abdulhadi, Creative Director