We are thrilled to announce our role in shaping the unique identity of Coda Coffee House in Riyadh. From concept to execution, we've intertwined quality, affordability, and novelty to create a brand that offers an unmatched coffee experience .
Logo Design
UI/UX Design
Coda .Ltd

Dearbrand is proud to have been a part of creating the brand identity for Coda Coffee House. Working closely with the Coda team, our experts developed a branding strategy that would make them stand out in Saudi Arabia's competitive coffee and dessert market.

At Coda, we are passionate about the art of coffee-making. We believe that the perfect cup of coffee starts with the highest quality beans. We are committed to reflect the same level of excellence and honesty in every aspect of our brand, from our name and logo to our packaging and messaging.

The brand name, Coda, embodies our passion for creativity that results in a masterpiece. Our logo features a musical note with a simple and memorable sound, reflecting the unique personality of our coffeehouse. Our visual identity is clean and simple, with an elegant typeface that reinforces our commitment to quality and honesty.

Our team developed a comprehensive brand identity that incorporated a range of visual and messaging elements, including a distinctive logo, a vibrant color palette, and a playful and welcoming tone of voice. Our goal was to create a brand identity that would stand out in a crowded market while also connecting with Coda's target audience's values and preferences.

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AbdulRahman Abdulhadi, Creative Director