SLICIN is more than just a pizza brand; it's a lifestyle—an invitation to embrace individuality and enjoy pizza in a way that resonates with personal tastes and preferences.
Logo Design

We took on the mission to create a brand that would revolutionize the pizza experience. And thus, SLICIN was born—a brand that dared to celebrate the uniqueness of each customer and reimagine the way people connect with their favorite food.

A statemental brand was their goal—a brand that would make a powerful impression and stand out in the crowded pizza market. SLICIN became the embodiment of this vision, offering a fresh take on pizza and embracing a hip, youthful image. But it didn't stop there. DearBrand's creativity extended beyond the pizza itself, as they crafted merch that reflected the brand's identity in a bold and statemental way.

Typography played a crucial role in the brand's visual identity. By repositioning and playing with different sizes and styles, DearBrand achieved a bold and statemental look for SLICIN. The typography became a visual representation of the brand's hip style, capturing the attention of customers and conveying a sense of uniqueness and excitement.

DearBrand's collaboration with SLICIN has brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the pizza industry, leaving a lasting impact on both taste buds and hearts.

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AbdulRahman Abdulhadi, Creative Director