we've interwoven Saudi spirit and authenticity to craft a visually striking identity that resonates with both tradition and modernity. We've painted a warm, inviting atmosphere with a color palette echoing Middle Eastern vibrancy.
Logo Design

DearBrand developed a strategy to create a distinctive brand that embodies the essence of Saudi authenticity and spirit. The name "Shawkat" was chosen as a tribute to the restaurant's legacy and the values it represents.

The logo icon for Shawkat was designed to reflect the Saudi spirit and authenticity of the brand. It features an image of a grill with Arabic calligraphy incorporated into the design, which gives a nod to the Saudi culture and heritage .

The logo concept was to create a simple and memorable design that effectively communicates the brand's values and identity. The logo also aimed to capture the essence of Saudi culture in a modern and contemporary way, making it relevant to today's customers .

The packaging features elements of Arabic design and colors that represent the region. The packaging also had information about the restaurant and had old stamp designs to reflect the story behind the Fely steak buns. By doing so, customers can connect with the brand and appreciate the authenticity and heritage behind each sandwich.

By carefully considering all aspects of branding, from the name and logo to packaging and customer experience, Shawkat can create a strong and compelling brand identity that resonates with customers and sets it apart from competitors.

The color palette was carefully chosen to reflect the warmth and vibrancy of Middle Eastern culture. The main colors used in the branding are warm, earthy tones such as gold, brown, and red. These colors were selected to evoke the feeling of a cozy, inviting atmosphere, while also communicating the brand's authentic and traditional values.

One of the challenges in creating the branding for Shawkat was to balance the traditional and authentic elements of the brand with a modern and contemporary design that would appeal to a broad audience. The solution was to use a combination of traditional Arabic calligraphy and modern design elements to create a unique and memorable brand identity that would resonate with customers.

Overall, the branding for Shawkat was designed to reflect the brand's heritage and authenticity while also appealing to a modern, global audience. The logo icon, logo typeface, color palette, and other branding elements were carefully crafted to ensure that they communicate the brand's values and identity in a clear and effective way.

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AbdulRahman Abdulhadi, Creative Director