Petite Bouchee

In the thriving metropolis of Riyadh, where ancient culture intertwines with ultra-modernity, a new bakery rises, not only to satisfy your sweet tooth but to transport you to a world of elegance and charm.
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Petite Bouchee prides itself on being a modern yet nostalgic bakery, marrying the past and the future in its confectioneries. The brand's identity revolves around simplicity, uniqueness, and elegance, both in its creations and the way it presents itself. Its innovative concept is showcased through an elevated customer experience, where every interaction is infused with grace and charm.

Petite Bouchee's voice is all about sophistication and warmth, resembling an elegant friend who knows the secret to a perfect pastry. Its communication is polished yet approachable, creating an inviting atmosphere that welcomes all into its culinary world. It strikes the balance between being an expert in its field and a companion who understands your sweet cravings.

The visual identity of Petite Bouchee is defined by motifs of waves and lines, found in its emblem, resonating throughout the bakery. This imagery symbolizes the seamless blend of traditional and contemporary influences, providing a visual representation of the brand's mission. The color palette used is soft, pastel, and minimalistic, further emphasizing the brand's focus on simplicity and elegance.

Petite Bouchee offers more than just pastries - it offers an experience. With its range of handcrafted, high-quality sweets, it provides an opportunity to indulge in a unique narrative of tradition and innovation. Its treats serve as the perfect accompaniment for various occasions, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

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AbdulRahman Abdulhadi, Creative Director