In the vibrant heart of Jordan, Kinjo, a trend-setting sushi restaurant, has taken the nation by storm, constructing a captivating bridge between traditional Japanese sushi and the dynamic, modern tastes of the Jordanian populace.
Logo Design

The name 'Kinjo,' borrowed from the Japanese term for 'neighborhood,' couldn't be more fitting for this innovative brand. It perfectly encapsulates the brand's unique ability to blend the comforts of familiarity with the thrill of novelty.,DearBrand has managed to create Kinjo as an inviting space for everyone. Its logo, exuberantly colorful and dynamic, encapsulates the brand's spirit – friendly, welcoming, daring, and cutting-edge.

Kinjo is an authentic, ground-breaking sushi haven, born out of sheer passion and meticulous precision. It epitomizes a perfect harmony between two primary values - uncompromising quality and a consciousness towards health. It promises an authentic sushi dining experience, meticulously handcrafted by expert chefs who blend traditional Japanese culinary finesse with the freshest, responsibly sourced seafood.

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AbdulRahman Abdulhadi, Creative Director