Dusty Dough

In the bustling cityscape of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, there's a place that smells like home. An enticing aroma of baking bread, mingled with a tantalizing hint of vanilla and cinnamon, lures you in.
Logo Design
Dusty dough.Ltd

Dusty Dough is more than just a bakery; it's an experience rooted in the happiness, excitement, and satisfaction that comes from indulging in delicious, freshly made, and lovingly crafted baked goods. Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we welcome foodies and dessert lovers of all ages, from families to singles, to savor the warmth and coziness of our ambiance and our treats.

Establishing a brand voice that is joyful, friendly, and artisanal can be challenging in a competitive food market. The task was to create an identity that stands out while maintaining authenticity, sustainability, and quality.

We embraced the challenge head-on by designing a unique logo that encapsulates our brand's essence. Inspired by dough formation and the dust of flour, it captures our artisanal approach and love for baking. Our visual identity, designed to evoke warmth and coziness, aligns perfectly with our brand voice and promises.

The visual identity of Dusty Dough is designed to be warm and cozy. We wanted to make our customers feel at home the moment they step through our doors. The colors, typography, and imagery we use all contribute to this feeling, mirroring the joy and satisfaction we hope to bring to our customers.

The logo inspired by dough formation and the dust of flour. It's simple, yet captivating – an immediate visual connection to the promise of delightful, freshly baked goods that Dusty Dough stands for.

Through their brand voice, logo, and visual identity, Dusty Dough aims to create a memorable bakery experience that resonates with the hearts and taste buds of their customers.

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AbdulRahman Abdulhadi, Creative Director